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GSI Technology (GSIT) - Sidoti Virtual Conference Presentation
Founded in 1995, GSI Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance memory solutions. The Company's recent launches include radiation-hardened memory products for extreme environments and the Gemini® APU, a memory-centric associative processing unit. The APU delivers performance advantages for diverse AI applications and features novel architecture that breaks the Von Neuman model, the foundation of computing since the 1940s. Featuring parallel data processing with two million-bit processors per chip, Gemini’s massive in-memory processing reduces computation time from minutes to milliseconds, even nanoseconds. Gemini excels at large (billion items) database search applications, like facial recognition, drug discovery, Elasticsearch, and object detection. Gemini’s scalable format, small footprint, and low power consumption make it an ideal solution for edge applications where rapid, accurate responses are critical. For more information, please visit www.gsitechnology.com.
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